July 15, 2022
Contact: Jamie Cernek

Alderman Osterman Retirement

Candidate Nick Ward Is The Clear Choice for the 48th Ward Upon Ald. Osterman’s Retirement

I want to thank Alderman Osterman for his years of service to the 48th Ward, both as Alderman and previously as State Representative of the 14th District. I also want to thank his staff, who have worked hard to weather the unexpected challenges of the past few years. I know how much the 48th Ward means to him and I wish him the best in his next chapter.

I announced my run for Alderman in January of 2022 because I believe everyone in the 48th Ward should have the resources that they need to live a safe, stable, healthy life. I believe that the city’s priorities have long favored corporate and business interests, and that it’s time to put power back into the hands of the people. I’ve been knocking doors since the beginning of June and have talked to thousands of neighbors about labor rights, affordable housing, and safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians.

As an organizer with the 48th Ward Neighbors for Justice and a Community Representative on the Goudy Local School Council, I’ve seen firsthand how new “luxury housing” impacts school communities, traffic violence prevents people from feeling safe on our streets, and climate change threatens our lakefront and infrastructure.

The people of the 48th Ward deserve bold change now. My vision for the ward is one where families can afford to live and send their children to our public schools, residents can enjoy public spaces and cultural events, and public safety is handled with community care.

I look forward to expanding access to affordable housing to keep this ward a place where neighbors can settle down and raise a family. I look forward to the completion of the Red Purple Modernization Project, so that we can continue to boost public transit and fill our transit-rich corridors with public plazas and walkable thoroughfares. I look forward to working with our public school communities to build the strong neighborhood schools that our students deserve.

Nick Ward is a community organizer, artist, renter, and restaurant worker. He is running for 48th 
Ward Alderman to fight for a Chicago where every resident has the resources they need to thrive.

Website: nickward48.com Twitter: twitter.com/NickWardfor48 Facebook: facebook.com/NickWardfor48 Instagram: instagram.com/NickWardfor48