Mary Difino, CTU Delegate and social worker

"As a school social worker and CTU delegate, I support Nick because he knows that strong community schools are interconnected with affordable housing, transit, and mental health resources. Nick is a steadfast ally for CPS families and educators."


Carson Wang, Uptown Resident

"Nick has a deep understanding of our neighborhood's history, and how keeping it inclusive and welcoming must also mean keeping it affordable. Voting for Nick means voting for a safe, equitable, and vibrant community."

Dave Pitak, CPS Parent

"As a CPS parent in the 48th Ward, I support Nick because I've seen firsthand his commitment to our community and public schools. When many families are being pushed out of the neighborhood, Nick has the vision and drive to push back."

*Dave is endorsing in his personal capacity.


Matthew Cason, Community Organizer

"I support Nick because he has a clear vision for a better, more just Chicago that serves the 48th Ward and beyond. He is a champion for the better streets, transit, and housing Chicago needs."

Carol Edelson, Retired Labor Organizer

"I am so glad to have a progressive candidate running for Alderman. Nick has been there for issues I care about: police accountability, community safety, affordable housing, public schools, and public transportation, and I know he will continue to fight for us."

Annika, Henry, and D'Laney

"As new parents in the 48th Ward, we support Nick because he will fight for well-funded public schools and kid-safe streets. Nick will make sure Edgewater is a great place to raise a family no matter how much money is in your bank account."