October 18, 2022
Contact: Jamie Cernek

Nick Ward Leads the Field in Fundraising for the 48th Ward Aldermanic Race

Edgewater, Chicago, IL -- Candidate for 48th Ward Alderman Nick Ward announces $89,730 in fundraising, including $31,365 in the third quarter. Ward has raised more than all nine other competitors combined minus personal donations and loans from the candidates to their own campaigns.

Ward said: “As a restaurant, theatre, and nonprofit worker, I don’t have the personal connections to wealth that many established politicians have. This campaign is 100% people-powered, from the social worker who donates $5 a month to the retired public school teacher who writes postcards every week. When elected, I will put the people’s concerns over the interests of corporations and luxury developers.”

Ward has 1,114 individual donations and 428 individual donors. 96% of Ward’s donations are under $200, and the average monthly donation is $19.27.

Ward announced his candidacy for 48th Ward Alderman on January 25, 2022. With ten candidates, the 48th Ward race is currently the most contested of the 2023 aldermanic elections. Ward has knocked over 10,000 doors and has recently opened a campaign office at 5454 N. Broadway. He is the only candidate in the race to have received endorsements thus far, including from 48th Ward Neighbors for Justice, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, and Alderman Daniel La Spata of the 1st Ward.

Nick Ward is a community organizer, artist, renter, and restaurant worker. He is running for 48th
Ward Alderman to fight for a Chicago where every resident has the resources they need to thrive.

Website: nickward48.com
Facebook: facebook.com/NickWardfor48 Twitter: twitter.com/NickWardfor48 Instagram: instagram.com/NickWardfor48